The company VEGA ECM LTD was founded in 1996 by Dimitrios J Gkrillas. It is based in Glyfada Athens, 45-47 Ioustinianou Str.

The company operates in the sectors of publishing, advertising-public relations, sponsorship, exhibitions, conferences, organization of events -fashion shows- galas, finding potential sponsors as well as the property sector.

During the last few years, VEGA ECM LTD has organized the largest events in Greece and has co-operated with all the major Greek fashion designers -Celia Kritharioti, Mihalis Aslanis, Penelope Zagoras, Kathy Heyndels, Nikos-Takis, Filimon etc. Furthermore the company has collaborated with some of the most successful international fashion houses such as the Haute Couture house Louis Feraud Paris, the Haute Couture house Lecoanet Hemant Paris, Montana , Cerutti , Susanne Wiebe , Zandra Rhodes. Well-established international top models took part in the events organized, including Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson, Adrianna Sklenarikova, Laetitia Casta, Fernanda Tavares , Amber Smith , Karolina Kourkova as well as reputable guests from the world of arts such as Alain Delon.

In the publishing sector, VEGA ECM LTD publishes the leading scientific medical journal "Hellenic Journal of Medicine". The journal has published scientific medicine symposiums which were coordinated by top Professors of the Greek Universities of Medicine. The editorial committee of the journal consists of 30 University Professors from Greek Medicine Schools and 25 University Professors from Medical Schools all over the world - USA. England, France, Germany. Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Holland etc. Some of the written Symposium of the ''Hellenic Journal of Medicine'' are : Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center 10 years, Cancer Co-ordinator: Professor Mel.Athan. Dimopoulos, Acute coronary syndromes Co-ordinator : Professor : P Toutouzas , Olympic Games ''Athens 2004'' and Medicine etc .

In the sponsorship field, the company has successfully attracted sponsors for high-publicity events, , Event design & Management , Media Relationship Management , Image Design & Promotion , Direct PR Services , Corporate ID , Media Planning , Above-the-line Advertising , Below-the-line Promotion in the media sector, which can be ascertained by the company's website.

In the advertising sector the company participates in finding potential sponsors and organizing events for the Commercial Association of Athens -Street Parties with leading radio stations -NITRO, Sfera ,Rytmos, Village- and major magazines -DOWNTOWN- as communication sponsors.

Concurrently VEGA ECM LTD operates in the fields of Public Relations and the organization of exhibitions, conventions, symposiums, as well as the property sector.

The company's CEO is Mr. Dimitrios J. Gkrillas.

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